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3 Septic System Problems That May Cause Irreparable Damage

Installing a septic tank system has many benefits. The septic tank system can last for many years, so even if the initial cost of installation may be relatively higher, you will save money in the long term. Also, the system requires low maintenance as you only need to pump it every three to five years. Moreover, a septic system allows the safe handling of sewer waste with minimal environmental effects.

This article will discuss common issues that may severely damage your septic tank system.

Ground Movement

You should avoid driving or using heavy machinery over your septic tank and drain field. The structures can collapse, especially if the ground is wet due to heavy rains. Also, this mistake can cause cracks in drainage pipes, leading to leaks. As a result, your drain field can flood and cause water damage to your home. Moreover, leaks will cause soil and debris to sneak into your drain field, leading to blockage. 

If the clogs worsen, they can cause sewer backups in your septic tank. Sewer water can get into your water source and cause contamination. Drinking contaminated water can trigger various health complications, such as E. coli, encephalitis, gastroenteritis, giardiasis, hepatitis A, leptospirosis, and salmonellosis. You may experience abdominal cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, headaches, nausea, and weakness.

Damage from Tree Roots 

Tree roots from the vegetation around your septic tank can grow towards your septic in search of water and nutrients. The roots can sneak into the drainage pipes through cracks. Dirt, debris, and other particles will accumulate on the roots, leading to blockages. As a result, your kitchen, bathroom, and toilet may drain poorly and even flood. Also, some tree roots can damage the walls of the septic tank, causing spillages. 

You may notice patches of green grass on your drain field that appear healthier than other areas. This sign should be a major red flag that you must call your plumber to inspect your system. The sewer water may trigger foul smells that can spread to your home, causing discomfort.

Bacteria Imbalance

Your septic system contains bacteria that help break down waste. Using harsh drain cleaners can kill off these bacteria, interfering with your system's natural ecosystem. Also, flushing down non-biodegradable items will put excessive pressure on the bacteria, affecting their efficiency. Hence, the bacteria won't properly break down sewage, leading to blockages. 

You may need to empty your septic tank more than necessary. Also, the chemicals can corrode drainage pipes and cause severe leaks. If you have blocked drains, you can use a plumbing snake to unclog them.

Contact a septic tank service to learn more.