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4 Guiding Tips To Help You Rent The Right Number Of Portable Restrooms For Your Event Or Project

There are many reasons you may want to rent portable restrooms. It could be for an upcoming wedding, music festival, or maybe you have a new construction site. Whatever your reasons, portable restroom rentals come with unmatched comfort and convenience. But the important question you need to ask yourself to get the most out of portable restroom rentals is: how many portable restroom rentals do you require? This article will guide you on how to rent enough portable toilets to ensure your guests and staff are comfortable.

1. Guest or Staff Numbers

The first step in determining the units of portable restrooms rentals you need is to estimate the number of guests or staff you will be expecting. More expected people call for more portable restroom rentals. If it is an event, you can count the tickets you have already sold. If you manage a construction project, use the staff registry to ensure you have enough portable restroom rentals for your workforce. Armed with an estimate of expected guests or staff and a reliable portable restroom rental company, you can rest assured you will have enough restroom rentals.

2. Venue Size

Next, you need to evaluate the size of your event ground or construction site. If the area is big, you may need more portable restroom rentals to ensure your guests or staff do not have to walk a long distance to reach the restrooms. The aim is to put restrooms in every corner for easy accessibility.

3. Timing

How long will your event last? An event that will only last for a few hours may not need as many portable restroom rentals as an event that will run for days. Again, consult a professional to ensure the number of restrooms you rent can meet your guests' needs throughout the event. For a construction project, consider the length and number of shifts your staff will be at the site. The more the working hours, the more portable restroom rentals you need to provide.

4. Meals

If you want to throw a birthday or wedding party, the chances are that you will be serving meals to your guests. Therefore, you may have to seek more restroom rentals than you would if there were no meals in your event. The units of portable restrooms required may even be more if you will be serving alcoholic drinks.

Renting enough portable restrooms for your project or event is critical to ensuring staff or guest comfort. While too many portable restroom rentals can cost you more than necessary, too few can be a cause of inconvenience.

For more information, contact a company that provides portable restroom rentals