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Questions To Ask Before Your Septic Tank Is Pumped Out

Your septic tank helps to treat all the wastewater you produce in your home. This boosts hygiene and promotes environmental conservation. However, your tank cannot function effectively without proper maintenance. You need to get a technician to inspect and handle septic tank pumping when the tank is full. This saves you money, increases the septic tank's lifespan, and ensures that wastewater is treated efficiently. But before you can get this septic tank service, it's imperative to know what to expect. This post will share questions you can ask your septic tank service technician before they pump out the tank.

Is It Possible to Know When to Pump a Tank?

In most cases, people don't get visible signs that it's time to pump out the tank. Usually, when you see these signs, it means that the maintenance is long overdue. For instance, you may notice that liquids are being surfaced over the surface of the tank or drain field, wastewater is backing up or overflowing.  So, if you face any of these problems, it means your septic tank needs cleaning. Calling your septic tank technician will help confirm any doubts you have so you can pump out the wastewater.

Is the Pumping Service Smelly?

Another concern people have is if the entire area will be smelly when they are cleaning out the tanks. The septic tank covers will be open, so there will be odors. So, the only way to avoid odors is to close the windows and doors to ensure an unpleasant smell doesn't get into your home. Once the professionals are done, the lingering odors will disappear for good.

Is Your Landscape Safe?

If you have a beautiful lawn or garden, then you'll definitely be concerned about its condition during the clean-out process. But most septic tank technicians use hosepipes to pump out the waste. The pipes are so long that they can reach the bottom of the tank, so your lawn will be safe. In case they don't have a hose that's long enough to get to the tank from the driveway or street, they will have no option but to drive on the lawn. Make sure you discuss this in advance so the professionals can get a long hose.

Is the Septic Tank Inspected After Pumping?

Most septic service providers wash out the septic tank once it's pumped out. Then, a thorough inspection is done to determine if the tank is still in good condition. They will check for cracks, roots, baffles, and so on, and then repair it if necessary.

If you want to hire a septic tank professional to pump your tank, you should ask these questions in advance. The answers you get will help you prepare adequately.