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Inviting People To Camp On Your Land: Five Tips For A Good Weekend

If you own land in a rural area, inviting your friends to join you there to camp is a good way to spend a weekend -- especially a long weekend like Memorial Day or Labor Day. Having everyone together in one space will be great fun, and you can all enjoy the fresh air and nature. However, there are some tips you are definitely going to want to follow if you want your camping weekend to go off without a hitch.

Rent some portable toilets.

You might "go in the woods" when you camp on the land yourself, but with more people staying, this can lead to questionable sanitation and issues with privacy. Renting a portable toilet, or if you have a big group of guests, two of them, will make it easier to keep things clean and sanitary. 

While a standard porta potty will certainly serve its purpose on a camping trip, you may want to pay a little more for a full portable bathroom. These bathrooms are akin to an actual bathroom. Stepping into one will be a nice break from the rustic tents you've been camping in. Plus, having sinks and running water available to wash your hands will make it easier to stay safe and fresh throughout your camping adventure.

Have everyone bring food for one meal.

Supplying food for such a large crowd can get pretty costly, and the grocery shopping can be a burden. An easier way to make sure everyone is fed is to make each attendee responsible for one meal. Make sure you tell them how many people will be there so they can be sure to purchase enough food. Let them know what facilities you have on hand for cooking (such as a grill, a fryer, or an open fire). 

Plan some activities.

You might think that everyone will file in and then the fun will present itself, but it's nice to have at least a few activities planned for when things start to feel "dry." These could be typical camping activities like telling stories around the fire, or they could be unique activities like learning how to knit together, playing a new board game or card game, or identifying plants you find in the forest. 

If you are very busy between now and the camping adventure, consider naming one of your friends "The Coordinator of Playtime." They can collect games and come up with other fun plans for everyone.

Bring extra camping gear.

Hopefully everyone arrives with their tent, sleeping bag, and other camping essentials in tow. But chances are, someone will forget something or someone's tent will mysteriously develop a rip at 2:00 am. So, if you have any extra camping gear, make sure you bring it along just in case. It doesn't hurt to bring some extra clothing, food, sunscreen, and bug spray, too!

Make sure the parking area is dry.

When you're camping in the middle of the field or some woods, the only place to park is likely in that field or woods. If the area is mushy, people are going to be getting their cars stuck, and whoever has the largest truck will be left pulling everyone out. So, before your guests start arriving at your land, scout the area out and find the driest spots. Make sure everyone who brings a vehicle parks there.

If you rent porta potties, do a good job of planning activities and meals, designate a good parking spot, and bring along extra gear, you and your guests will be prepared for an awesome weekend. Have a happy camping trip! For more information, visit websites like http://www.roadrunnerwastenm.com.