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Septic System: Things To Know When Buying A Previously Owned Home

Are you planning on buying a home that has a septic tank installed? If so, you may be excited about owning the property, but do not let your excitement cause you to overlook whether septic pumping on the property is up-to-date. This is a mistake that many "happy" property seekers overlook. the property that you desire and have fallen in love with could be riddled with septic problems. This is especially true if the current owners have not properly taken care of septic tank pumping and maintenance. The following are signs that septic tank issues might be present on a property.

Foul Smells

The smells that occur when septic tanks are not pumped are profound enough to cover a wide distance. This is why some people end up having complaints from their neighbors. The stench is strong enough to cause some people to become nauseated. Some individuals attempt to inspect their own septic tanks when these smells are present. This is a bad idea because septic tanks contain fumes that can be hazardous. 

Slow Drainage

The drains in homes may appear to be "backed up" when there are septic tank issues present. Gurgling noises may occur when the drains eventually clear out. It is also possible for water to resurface in a drain after it clears another drain in the home. These incidents should not be taken lightly because they could lead to gray water spillage in households. This type of water damage contains bacteria that can make living in homes unsafe, and the cleanup costs can be costly. 

Unlocatable Tank

Sometimes people rush into buying homes. This is because they do not want to take the chance of someone else getting their dream home. If you do not take the time to figure out where the septic tank on the property is located, it is possible that you might buy a home that needs septic pumping. Another consequence is that you may have to hire a plumber to locate the septic tank. It is also possible that you might be oblivious to the drain field and damage your septic system. 

Some individuals who sell properties have no idea about septic maintenance because they inherit properties from their loved ones. This is why it is imperative to get septic tank inspections prior to closing on homes of interest. Some well-meaning individuals could repair homes to and make them visually appealing but problems may be present with the septic systems in the properties. A plumber is a good resource to use to determine whether septic pumping or septic tank replacements are needed. Check out sites like http://www.zebwattsseptic.com for more information.