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Three Pieces Of Equipment To Rent After Your Home Floods

Having a flood damage your home can be devastating, but there are a few pieces of equipment you can rent to help get your house restored to pre-flood conditions. With the help of these items and a professional water restoration company, you can begin the task of repairing your home.

Roll-Off Dumpster

A roll-off dumpster provides a way to get rid of damaged flooring, drywall, wood, and furniture. This helps to keep your regular trash bins clear, and it makes it easier to dispose of large amounts of debris safely. Talk to your dumpster rental company about how much you plan to throw away so you can rent the right sized dumpster for your project. If you have appliances, electronics, or other items that need to be recycled, the company can also help to arrange a separate pickup for them.

Shop Vacuum

As the water recedes, you may find that your home has a lot of dirt and small debris that needs to be cleaned up. A shop vacuum can make the process of removing the dirt and debris easier. Look for a large-capacity vacuum to tackle your cleanup project, and be sure that you have a grounded power supply that is safe to use before you plug in the vacuum or any other electric cleanup tools.

Blower Fan

Part of cleaning up your home after a flood is drying out the affected area. While opening windows and doors can help to air out your home, you may find that you need heavy-duty help getting rid of much of the moisture and dampness. Blower fans can be placed on or near the ground to help get rid of excess water and moisture. Some fans can be connected together so they all run off of the same power circuit, so you can quickly dry a room out. As with shop vacuums, be sure that you have a grounded power outlet that is safe to use. You may need to connect to an outlet from a neighboring building using an extension cord if the wiring in your home has been compromised. Check with an electrician before plugging in any items in your home after a flood.

Your water damage restoration company can suggest other pieces of equipment you might need for your cleanup project, and in some cases, they may be able to help you arrange for rentals. With the right tools in place, you can begin to restore your home after a flood.

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