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Reasons To Use A Hydrovac When Excavating Soil

Whether you want to create a trench for a French drain or excavate soil on your property for another reason, you have a number of options when considering how you'll excavate the soil necessary to make the trench. You may not be familiar with a hydrovac; this machines uses a vacuum and water to penetrate the ground and make room for the trench you need. Here are some reasons why you might choose to use a hydrovac for your excavation instead of other machines or methods.

Less Danger for Utility Lines

If you are like many home or business owners, you may have to deal with all kinds of underground utility lines on your property. Many excavating tools can pose a threat to these lines, as they can hit or damage them. If that happens, there can be negative consequences for you and others in the area.

In stark contrast, water that is pumped by a hydrovac poses less of a threat to the utility lines that exist, as the water will not dent or cut them.

Ability to Do Winter Excavation

If you need to create a trench in the winter, you may have to wait until temperatures are warm enough that the ground can thaw out, as many excavating machines have a difficult time with frozen earth. This can cause delays that can cause problems for you and your project.

With a hydrovac, by comparison, you need not pay much attention to how cold it is. Even during the coldest winter days, the hydrovac can work effectively. That's because the water used is usually warm and can thaw the soil enough to remove it as the machine works.

Less Mess to Clean Up

When you excavate soil, one problem you usually have is that you have to find a place for the so-called spoils, the dirt that you dig up and set to the side of the trench. However, with a hydrovac, as water loosens the soil to be excavated, a vacuum sucks all of the rocks, water and soil up into a tank that sits on the hydrovac itself. Therefore, there is nothing you'll have to clean up later, which can end up saving you a lot of time.

With the information above, you are more likely to make a better informed decision about whether you will use a hydrovac for your excavating needs. Consult local companies that specialize in hydrovac services in order to find out more about how a hydrovac might be suitable for your particular project.